Journal 1: Bones and Brawn

Personal Work
Hand bound journal, mixed media
"I'm still numb; hooked up to machines... keeping me alive. I can only hear machines."

Journal 1: "Bones and Brawn” 

The single element that differentiates a journal from a novel, is that the journal is a “raw”, unfiltered account of an individuals private thoughts at a point in time. They are inspired by life, and become a physical manifestation of the self, even after we are long gone. Sharing these artifacts is what provides later generations with a window to the past. The events contained between the covers can be valuable and insightful accounts of world-changing historical events, or they can simply be what the author had for breakfast one balmy morning. “Bones and Brawn” is the first of many journals that have accompanied me through personal life-experiences, both good and bad. A horrible skiing accident in Jackson Hole, Wyoming provided the “inspiration” for this work, in addition to my drug-induced state of mind at the time (hence the frequent mis-spellings, backwards typography and over-all bizarre associations). Losing the ability to walk un-aided for many months, managing severe pain – on and off medication, and being forced to quit a job I truly cared for, all manifested into this hand-made book, which I now humbly present.

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James possesses the reliability and dedication to his craft that I seek in both creative and climbing partners. He excels at contouring the physical and emotional energy of story lines in often challenging environmental conditions.
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