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Experience is the best teacher. Over the course of many adventures, I have written articles with the sole purpose of sharing stories, passing along helpful tips and new adventure ideas to readers. 

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The Outbound Collective is an online community of outdoors enthusiasts. The following articles have been featured on the “The Outbound Journal” section of their site, which is reserved for members of the community who share their personal knowledge, experiences, photographs, and videos in an exceptional way: 

• “How Tourists are Getting Wild Animals Killed

 • “How Nature Inspires Thought, Action, and the Creative Process” 

• “Choosing Your Own Adventure” 

• “How Rock Climbing and Jiu Jitsu Go Hand-In-Hand” 

• “The Best Way to Prepare for Your Next Adventure” 

• “How A Visa Dilemma Led to the Best Road Trip of My Life” 

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James possesses the reliability and dedication to his craft that I seek in both creative and climbing partners. He excels at contouring the physical and emotional energy of story lines in often challenging environmental conditions.
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