“Too tired to sleep” seems like an appropriate moniker for the night precluding my group’s journey to Reykjavik. Like a pendulum, falling rhythmically in-and-out of consciousness to the mechanical whirring of the engines, the sound of whispers, the smell of whiskey, and the dull ache of compressed vertebrae. We keep and simply “be”. Suspended in stasis until the second phase of our journey.” - Journal 4

Arriving in Iceland

The air, the mountains, the fog- Iceland is as vast as it is cold and mysterious. The brown and grey landscape glimmer in perpetual twilight, replenishing acres of scorched plaines that are covered in volcanic rock and ash. Strong showers and winds are sudden, relinquishing their tyrannical reign only to the rare, but perfect light- revealing a beauty unsurpassed; a harmony, unforgettable.

Photo by Lauren Ambrosio 

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula

One of the best ways to explore a new place is to step outside the norm and take a step off of the beaten path. The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is located north of Reykjavik. Close enough for a day trip, it’s a nice enough distance away from the hustle and bustle of the city to truly enjoy the natural majesty of the country.

Hiding In Plain Sight

When your eyes have adjusted to the jaw dropping scenery, you begin to pick up on the subtle details that dot the grassy plains, steep slopes and beautiful coastline.

The unique formations of volcanic rock reveal fascinating patterns that seem to evoke the wild spirit of Iceland. Although some of these formations are millions of years old, the volcanic activity of the island continues even today.

A Home of Heritage

Conservation and preservation are a proud part of Icelandic culture and history. Buildings are constructed to withstand not only the extreme weather, but also the test of time. This is made evident by the wonderful diversity of old preserved houses mixed with modern architecture. Bright colors and unique designs provide lively moments in a setting that can become dark and dreary in the winter months.

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